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For sale
220117172357   2022-01-17   Πέρα Τραγάνα Κιάτου   Σικυωνίων  /Κορινθίας/
220117172357   2022-01-17   Pera Tragana Kiatou   Sikyonion  /Korinthias/
Agricultural estate

Price: 5000
Dimitris   Tel: 6987287155   Mobil: 6987287155
220117074337   2022-01-17   Πλατεία Αμέρικης   Αθήνα  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
220117074337   2022-01-17   Plateia Amerikis   Athina  /Athina-Attikis/

1 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 6th
penthouse central heating lift/elevator balcony
Price: 28000
Lampros Konomis   Tel: 6945822485   Mobil: 6945822485
220116222638   2022-01-16     Σκουτάρεως  /Σερρών/
220116222638   2022-01-16     Skoutareos  /Serron/
Agricultural estate

Price: 0
Maria Gleridoy   Tel: 2321401692   Mobil: 6936334605
220108173525   2022-01-08     Αριστομένους  /Μεσσηνίας/
220108173525   2022-01-08     Aristomenous  /Messinias/
Detached one level house

3 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
Price: 100
Angelopoulou Sotiria   Tel: 6972998893   Mobil:
220104102559   2022-01-04   Πεύκος   Σκύρου  /Εύβοιας/
220104102559   2022-01-04   Peukos   Skyrou  /Euvoias/
220104102559: Estate/land 49000€ Peukos SkyrouEstate/land

Price: 49000
Land for sale, in three streets, frontage 83 meters, 6500 sqm, buildable, fenced, unrestricted sea view.
Nikolaos Kollas   Tel: 6977915101   Mobil: 6977915101
211216140723   2021-12-16   Σταυρος   Αγίου Γεωργίου  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
211216140723   2021-12-16   Stauros   Agiou Georgiou  /Thessalonikis/
Agricultural estate

Price: 15000
Georgios Terzis   Tel: 2397101431   Mobil: 6930415769
211213190113   2021-12-13   Μπαλανα   Γέρακα  /Αν.Αττικής/
211213190113   2021-12-13   Balana   Geraka  /An.Attikis/

Price: 25000
Angeliki   Tel: 6972098211   Mobil:
211213154657   2021-12-13   Μηχανιώνας.   Μηχανιώνας  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
211213154657   2021-12-13   Michanionas.   Michanionas  /Thessalonikis/
211213154657: Two-storey house 0€ Michanionas. MichanionasTwo-storey house

10 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 1st
sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 0
Two - storey maisonette of 160 square meters clean in a settlement in Triada 10 minutes distance from the sea and 15 minutes from Thessaloniki While it is 5 minutes from Macedonia airport
has ready specifications for separation and autonomy of each floor so that it can be used as Airbnb has storage inside the house and storage in the basement, two parking spaces and has electronic and electrical systems. It can easily be included in an NSRF program to be used as a tourist accommodation
Papadopoulou Eleni   Tel: 6970797428   Mobil: 6970797293
211213152213   2021-12-13   Επανομή.   Επανομής  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
211213152213   2021-12-13   Epanomi.   Epanomis  /Thessalonikis/
211213152213: Two-storey house 0€ Epanomi. EpanomisTwo-storey house

14 rooms living-room Separate kitchen Ground floor
sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 0
Extremely investment house for sale in the settlement of Pyrgos e Epanomi, area 250 sq. m. It has three levels. It has individual heating, fireplace and air conditioners, security door, double glazing, screens and alarm. It has its own basement. It has a private garden with lawn, automatic watering, gazebo, barbecue, private church, alarm and cameras. It also has a 10kw photovoltaic system with an income of up to 500 euros. It can also be used as Airbnb.
Papadopoulou Eleni   Tel: 6970797428   Mobil: 6970797293
211213142833   2021-12-13   Ωραιοκαστου   Ωραιοκάστρου  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
211213142833   2021-12-13   Oraiokastou   Oraiokastrou  /Thessalonikis/
211213142833: Two-storey house 0€ Oraiokastou OraiokastrouTwo-storey house

14 rooms living-room Separate kitchen Ground floor
sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 0
Luxurious investment building for sale in the most beautiful area of Oreokastro in the settlement of Galini. The building has an area of 326 square meters, on three levels, has a basement and attic. The building has central gas heating, fireplace, air conditioning. , internal marble staircase, elevator, playroom, double glazing, jacuzzi and private garden. It is sunny with a wonderful view and does not need renovation. The luxury maisonette is suitable for the disabled.
Papadopoulou Eleni   Tel: 6970797428   Mobil: 6970797293

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