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For sale
210923145204   2021-09-23   Φιλιατρά Μεσσηνίας   Φιλιατρών  /Μεσσηνίας/
210923145204   2021-09-23   Filiatra Messinias   Filiatron  /Messinias/
210923145204: Agricultural estate 0€ Filiatra Messinias FiliatronAgricultural estate

Price: 0
Antonis   Tel: 6975060454   Mobil: 6975060454
210922120816   2021-09-22   Πηγαδακια   Ευεργέτουλα  /Λέσβου/
210922120816   2021-09-22   Pigadakia   Euergetoula  /Lesvou/

Price: 0
Ioannis Zisis   Tel: 2251023981   Mobil:
210921152228   2021-09-21   Γουβα   Πάτρα  /Αχαΐας/
210921152228   2021-09-21   Gouva   Patra  /Ahaias/
Agricultural estate

Price: 0
Panagiotis Milias   Tel: 2102772836   Mobil: 6958452114
210920120041   2021-09-20   Νικητη   Σιθωνίας  /Χαλκιδικής/
210920120041   2021-09-20   Nikiti   Sithonias  /Chalkidikis/
Detached one level house

2 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
Price: 250000
Thrasyvoulos Georgiadis   Tel: 6944757620   Mobil: 6944757620
210919133102   2021-09-19   Μονή Παναχράντου Βιπα - Βιοπα   Μεγαρέων  /Δυτ.Αττικής/
210919133102   2021-09-19   Moni Panachrantou Vipa - Viopa   Megareon  /Dyt.Attikis/

Price: 0
Gavriil Kleidaras   Tel: 2752300265   Mobil: 6987733912
210918205140   2021-09-18   Αγ. Τριάδα Ηρακλείου Αττικής   Ηρακλείου  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
210918205140   2021-09-18   Ag. Triada Irakleiou Attikis   Irakleiou  /Athina-Attikis/

2 rooms living-room 2nd
penthouse balcony
Price: 0
Georgia Zaridaki   Tel: +306947302719   Mobil: +306947302719
210918152314   2021-09-18   Καλιθέα   Συκεών  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
210918152314   2021-09-18   Kalithea   Sykeon  /Thessalonikis/
Department store/shop

Ground floor 40.00sqm.
Price: 27000
In the past, the shop had been a residence for a family.
It is 15 minutes from the center of Thessaloniki.
The shop consists of 3 rooms: The 1st space has a street frontage, the 2nd - backspace is a kitchenette and the 3rd space is the toilet.
The shop has a courtyard that extends to all three aforementioned areas.
In the courtyard, the buyer can place things to facilitate his work.
Christos Vissariou   Tel: 6995682459   Mobil: 6995682459
210917215014   2021-09-17   Μεραί   Καλαμπάκας  /Τρικάλων/
210917215014   2021-09-17   Merai   Kalampakas  /Trikalon/
Agricultural estate

Price: 0
Exclusively plot of land is for sale by the owner, from Greece, Thessaly, in the area of Merai, Kalampaka, outside of the city plan.
It has 50 acres, it is lateral, with access from the asphalt, without buildings or fencing.
It is suitable for various investments: industrial unit, organic farming, agrotourism (because Meteora is visible) etc.
For more information (photos, price), we are at your disposal at 6987336307 and 6976997953.
Nikos Balatsos   Tel: 0030983294990   Mobil: 00306976557953
210917213520   2021-09-17   Καλαμπάκα   Καλαμπάκας  /Τρικάλων/
210917213520   2021-09-17   Kalampaka   Kalampakas  /Trikalon/

Price: 0
A wonderful corner plot of land is sold in mainland Greece, exclusively by the owner.
Is in the Thessaly area and more exactly, in the municipality of Meteora. The parcel is within the city plan of Kalampaka, on the new ring road of the city, which will be connected to the highway in very short time.
It is 2890m, (buildable almost 2300m), 100%even and directly accessed from the asphalt, without buildings & fencing.
The land is located in a new& developed area of Kalampaka town, with unlim
Nikos Balatsos   Tel: 00306983294990   Mobil: 00306976997953
210913002219   2021-09-13   Μουζακι   Λαγανά  /Ζακύνθου/
210913002219   2021-09-13   Mouzaki   Lagana  /Zakynthou/

Price: 250000
Mairi Palaiothodorou   Tel: 6982131493   Mobil:

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