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Properties for sale in Greece
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For sale
180619191430   18-06-19   Κεντρο   Θεσσαλονίκη  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
180619191430   18-06-19   Kentro   Thessaloniki  /Thessalonikis/
180619191430: Apartment/flat 80000€ Kentro ThessalonikiApartment/flat

2 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 6th
penthouse sundrenched gas lift/elevator balcony
Price: 80000
Anesis Fos   Fax:   Tel: 2310242191   Mobil: 6997056165
180619020142   2018-06-19   Γιαννιτσών, 73   Καρδίτσα  /Καρδίτσας/
180619020142   2018-06-19   Giannitson, 73   Karditsa  /Karditsas/

2 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
gas balcony
Price: 40000
Vasileios Tessas   Tel: 6944767325   Mobil: 6934983465
180618124536   2018-06-18   Λιμνη   Μουδανιών  /Χαλκιδικής/
180618124536   2018-06-18   Limni   Moudanion  /Chalkidikis/
180618124536: Property 65500€ Limni MoudanionProperty

2 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 73.00sqm.
land sqm.350
Price: 65500
Chalkidiki is a part of Chalkidiki with the view of the hilltop and the view of the mountains. There is a unique wooden house made of logs with a diameter of 30 cm that is worth seeing, a plot of land and a house is 700 meters from the sea with water, fence, trees, the column for providing a nearby stream.
Giorgos   Tel: 2310 463 487   Mobil: 6973777039
180618115212   2018-06-18   Παραλία Οφρυνίου   Παγγαίου  /Καβάλας/
180618115212   2018-06-18   Paralia Ofryniou   Pangaiou  /Kavalas/

Price: 100000
Vetos Grigoris   Tel: 2521051675   Mobil: 6945244582
180617133558   2018-06-17   Σκάλα Καλλονής Λέσβου    /Λέσβου/
180617133558   2018-06-17   Skala Kallonis Lesvou    /Lesvou/
180617133558: Professional area 350€ Skala Kallonis Lesvou Professional area

sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 350
It is a two storey building, neoclassical, built in 1988 in Skala square, overlooking the square, the harbor and the bay of Kalloni, 50 - 60 meters from the beach and the sea.
It consists of 7 rooms - studios, double and single rooms and 1 apartment, fully equipped. They all have a balcony or terrace. There is also a reception with a call center for direct access to all rooms.
Very close are mini markets, tourist shops, taverns and cafes and a pharmacy.
The village is 44 klm from the capital
Mary K   Tel: 2253024181   Mobil:
180617143504   2018-06-17   Πάργα   Πάργας  /Πρέβεζας/
180617143504   2018-06-17   Parga   Pargas  /Prevezas/
180617143504: Property 0€ Parga PargasProperty

land sqm.300
Price: 0
Aristeidis - Aris   Tel: 6947075880   Mobil: 6947075880
180617130924   2018-06-17   Βασιλικα   Πολιχνίτου  /Λέσβου/
180617130924   2018-06-17   Vasilika   Polichnitou  /Lesvou/
180617130924: Detached one level house 29000€ Vasilika PolichnitouDetached one level house

3 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 104.00sqm.
land sqm.135
Price: 29000
Great Opportunity ! Two buildings of a total 158 square meters, plus the yard.
• A two - level House of 104 square meters in very good condinition. It is located in the beautiful village of Vasilikas, Mytilene, Lesvos. It includes a fireplace and a ground floor storage of 26 square meters, traditional rock cook stove, and a second toilet on the yard.
• An independant 28 square meter building which because of its position, on the main road of Vasilikas - Polichnitos, can be used as a store.
Pantelis Dimou   Tel: 6939874324   Mobil:
180617011520   2018-06-17   Άνω Βάθεια   Ερέτριας  /Εύβοιας/
180617011520   2018-06-17   Ano Vatheia   Eretrias  /Euvoias/
180617011520: Two-storey house 160€ Ano Vatheia EretriasTwo-storey house

3 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 3d 130.00sqm.
sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 160
Maisonette of three levels on a hill with unlimited view to the plain of Amarynthos and the Evoikos Gulf, with private garden 220 m2. Luxurious construction. It has independent heating and parking. The ground floor of 53m2, which houses the living room with the fireplace, the dining room and kitchen. The first floor is about 28 m2 in which it is designed master bedroom with a private bathroom. The playroom 52m2, with bathroom. Video: https://photos. app. goo. gl/T2ppAqVrzCiK8t3k1
Nikos Barampoutis   Tel: 2106120726   Mobil: 6977001533
180617011244   2018-06-17   Batis    /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
180617011244   2018-06-17   Batis    /Athina-Attikis/

4 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 4th
sundrenched central heating gas lift/elevator balcony
Price: 620
for sale
a luxurious flat with beautiful sea view
3 nuge bedrooms - 3 bathrooms
a fit in kitchen with laundry room
living room 100 sq. meters
2 garaze spots and a storage room - fireplace
price - 620. 000 euros
only serious proposals
Vlahou Argyro   Tel: 6908646984   Mobil: 6908646984
180616200915   2018-06-16   Αγιος Κωνσταντινος - Καμπος   Ωρωπού  /Αν.Αττικής/
180616200915   2018-06-16   Agios Konstantinos - Kampos   Oropou  /An.Attikis/
Agricultural estate

Price: 7500000
Oropos – Attica
Single property of 92. 503 sq. m. in the commercial zone of the city of Oropos. The property is 300 m. away from the city town hall and 700 m. from the sea. It also has a 300 m. façade on the main provincial Avenue of Oropos - Chalkoutsi , corners with Bosporou street and is about 300 m. deep (almost square shaped & flat land ). The new shopping center of Oropos is currently being developed in this area (hypermarkets, tourist developments etc). 45 km away from Athens & Airpot
Ioannis Marinis   Tel: +306944841888   Mobil: +306944841888

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