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Detached one level house
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For sale
201104143451   2020-11-04   Βασιλικό   Δωρίου  /Μεσσηνίας/
201104143451   2020-11-04   Vasiliko   Doriou  /Messinias/
Detached one level house

5 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
land sqm.900
central heating balcony
Price: 170
Androutsos Grigoris   Tel: 2765400097   Mobil: 6946618847
201028084952   2020-10-28   Μονοπηγαδο   Θέρμης  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
201028084952   2020-10-28   Monopigado   Thermis  /Thessalonikis/
Detached one level house

2 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 135.00sqm.
land sqm.5600
renovated furnished
central heating balcony
Price: 0
Alkiviadis Manousaridis   Tel: 6937557370   Mobil:
201009154930   2020-10-09      /Θεσσαλονίκης/
201009154930   2020-10-09      /Thessalonikis/
Detached one level house

3 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
land sqm.500
central heating
Price: 250000
Topalidou Roula   Tel: 6979852284   Mobil: 6979852284
200928235245   2020-09-28   Καραβακι   Κάστρου-Κυλλήνης  /Ηλείας/
200928235245   2020-09-28   Karavaki   Kastrou-Kyllinis  /Ileias/
Detached one level house

3 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
land sqm.2
central heating balcony
Price: 100
Georgia Zygogianni   Tel: 2103739524   Mobil: 6972727440
200910152139   2020-09-10   Καλυβια Λιβαδι   Διστόμου  /Βοιωτίας/
200910152139   2020-09-10   Kalyvia Livadi   Distomou  /Voiotias/
Detached one level house

3 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
central heating gas
Price: 0
Asimantonis Michail   Tel: 2107216918   Mobil: 6977173113
200908132953   2020-09-08   Κέντρο Οικισμού   Γραβιάς  /Φωκίδας/
200908132953   2020-09-08   Center Oikismou   Gravias  /Fokidas/
Detached one level house

2 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 160.00sqm.
land sqm.1570
central heating balcony
Price: 80
Tsakris Panagiotis   Tel: 6977801925   Mobil:
200907123954   2020-09-07   Ανισσαρας   Χερσονήσου  /Ηρακλείου/
200907123954   2020-09-07   Anissaras   Chersonisou  /Irakleiou/
200907123954: Detached one level house 210000€ Anissaras ChersonisouDetached one level house

3 rooms living-room
Price: 210000
A detached house is being sold in Anisaras near Hersonisos (Heraklion, Crete) within 200 meters of the sea near the Hotel Serita. It consists of 2 compartments, each of 65 m3. Each is made up of two bedrooms, a large living room and kitchen. The flat floor has a yard and the first floor has a balcony with a view. Both are equipped with A/C, electrical devices and furniture. Price 210. 000 € (Debatable)
Dimitrios Gogakis   Tel: 6945312961   Mobil: 6945312961
200905120050   2020-09-05   Άρτα   Άρτα  /Άρτας/
200905120050   2020-09-05   Arta   Arta  /Artas/
Detached one level house

Price: 0
Avramidis Georgios   Tel: 2681071111   Mobil: 6973038239
200902153606   2020-09-02     Εκάλης  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
200902153606   2020-09-02     Ekalis  /Athina-Attikis/
200902153606: Detached one level house 635000€  EkalisDetached one level house

6 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 0.00sqm.
land sqm.500
central heating balcony
Price: 635000
Detached single home, 285 sq. m. , in a panoramic position, built in 1986, among the pines and firs, on a plot of 500 sq. m. with an unrestricted view of Athens & the northern suburbs. On the ground floor there is a closed kitchen, a large living room with a warm built - in marble fireplace, a full bathroom, and two rooms to be used as offices or any other use. With an interior staircase, we reach the 1st floor where we meet a sunny open and large living room, with a built - in marble fireplace, open wooden kitchen, a complete bathroom, storage space, and an all - around terrace with awning. We then follow our marble staircase to the 2nd floor where we meet 3 bedrooms, a common area, a complete bathroom, and terraces with pergola. The home can be converted into an independent maisonette with a full apartment of two (2) bedrooms on the ground floor. Provided negotiation, the home may be offered renovated and with an elevator. Blue White Consulting - property code [BW125].
Blue White Consulting   Fax:   Tel: 2104404446   Mobil: 6942698446
200826113313   2020-08-26   Τσακος   Αγίας Παρασκευής  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
200826113313   2020-08-26   Tsakos   Agias Paraskeuis  /Athina-Attikis/
Detached one level house

Price: 0
Georgia Petasi   Tel: 6934262630   Mobil:

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