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For sale
220622075848   2022-06-22   Κεντρο   Ρόδος  /Δωδεκανήσου/
220622075848   2022-06-22   Kentro   Rodos  /Dodekanisou/

sundrenched lift/elevator balcony
Price: 80000
Katerina   Tel: 2241073591   Mobil:
210719170810   2021-07-19   Ομονοια   Αθήνα  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
210719170810   2021-07-19   Omonoia   Athina  /Athina-Attikis/

1 rooms 2nd 22.00sqm.
Price: 15000
Athens, Omonia Chalkokondili office 19 sq. m. 2nd floor open space with security door water supply wc next to the office and with the possibility of exclusive use provided that the two adjacent offices of the same square meters and similar price are purchased.
Real estate advisor
Makris Nikos   Tel: 0000000000   Mobil: 6946240754
210522210412   2021-05-22   Παράδεισος   Αγίας Παρασκευής  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
210522210412   2021-05-22   Paradeisos   Agias Paraskeuis  /Athina-Attikis/
210522210412: Office 110000€ Paradeisos Agias ParaskeuisOffice

3 rooms Ground floor 0.00sqm.
Price: 110000
  Fax:   Tel: 2102855129   Mobil: 6972258589
210522210409   2021-05-22   Παράδεισος   Αγίας Παρασκευής  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
210522210409   2021-05-22   Paradeisos   Agias Paraskeuis  /Athina-Attikis/

3 rooms Ground floor 0.00sqm.
Price: 110000
  Fax:   Tel: 2102855129   Mobil: 6972258589
201121165810   2020-11-21   Άνω Λαδάδικα   Θεσσαλονίκη  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
201121165810   2020-11-21   Ano Ladadika   Thessaloniki  /Thessalonikis/
201121165810: Office 250000€ Ano Ladadika ThessalonikiOffice

2nd 265.00sqm.
renovated rented
sundrenched lift/elevator
Price: 250000
Dimitris Boufidis   Tel: 6945904444   Mobil: 6945904444
200911143454   2020-09-11   Κέντρο   Κόρινθος  /Κορινθίας/
200911143454   2020-09-11   Center   Korinthos  /Korinthias/
200911143454: Office 82000€ Center KorinthosOffice

5 rooms 2nd
central heating lift/elevator balcony
Price: 82000
Maria Christina Polykreti   Tel: 6995713770   Mobil: 6995713770
200902153606   2020-09-02     Εκάλης  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
200902153606   2020-09-02     Ekalis  /Athina-Attikis/
200902153606: Detached one level house 635000€  EkalisDetached one level house

6 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 0.00sqm.
land sqm.500
central heating balcony
Price: 635000
Detached single home, 285 sq. m. , in a panoramic position, built in 1986, among the pines and firs, on a plot of 500 sq. m. with an unrestricted view of Athens & the northern suburbs. On the ground floor there is a closed kitchen, a large living room with a warm built - in marble fireplace, a full bathroom, and two rooms to be used as offices or any other use. With an interior staircase, we reach the 1st floor where we meet a sunny open and large living room, with a built - in marble fireplace, open wooden kitchen, a complete bathroom, storage space, and an all - around terrace with awning. We then follow our marble staircase to the 2nd floor where we meet 3 bedrooms, a common area, a complete bathroom, and terraces with pergola. The home can be converted into an independent maisonette with a full apartment of two (2) bedrooms on the ground floor. Provided negotiation, the home may be offered renovated and with an elevator. Blue White Consulting - property code [BW125].
Blue White Consulting   Fax:   Tel: 2104404446   Mobil: 6942698446
200817115024   2020-08-17   Μπατσί   Στυμφαλίας  /Κυκλάδων/
200817115024   2020-08-17   Batsi   Stymfalias  /Kykladon/
200817115024: Agricultural estate 800000€ Batsi StymfaliasAgricultural estate

Price: 800000
Land of 8685m. sq. , 2km from marvelous batsi in andros. suggestion of hotel type construction (can build till 1730m. sq. ). next to central road. authorization from forestry office, in order to build. easy connection of electricity and water amenities. wonderful sea and mountain view, unobstructed.
Maria   Tel: +306948176210   Mobil: +306948176210
200810170555   2020-08-10   Μοναστηρίου 295   Μενεμένης  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
200810170555   2020-08-10   Monastiriou 295   Menemenis  /Thessalonikis/
Professional area

2nd 1150.00sqm.
central heating gas lift/elevator
Price: 1610000
Office space in 3 levels, totally 1150 m2 or 435m2 per level, primitiv position on Monastiriou str, very easy approach from Athens National road in 3 min.
Antonis M. Sofikitis   Tel: 2310553443   Mobil: 6974841315
200808212741   2020-08-08   Ελ. Βενιζελου, 19 (προέκταση Αδριανουπόλεως)   Καλαμαριάς  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
200808212741   2020-08-08   El. Venizelou, 19 (proektasi Adrianoupoleos)   Kalamarias  /Thessalonikis/

5th 47.00sqm.
Price: 150000
Portarinos Stellios   Tel: 6974012705   Mobil: 6974012705

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