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For sale
240711225443   2024-07-12     Χανιά  /Χανίων/
240711225443   2024-07-12     Chania  /Chanion/

Price: 0
"PERPO" in Crete! (area under special zoning regulations/ town planning area of specific regulations) - ΠΕΡΠΟ

210. 000 sq. m approx.

Info: nueltikas@gmail. com
  Fax:   Tel: 6942293632   Mobil:
240519221146   2024-05-19   Ατσαλένιο   Ηράκλειο  /Ηρακλείου/
240519221146   2024-05-19   Atsalenio   Irakleio  /Irakleiou/
240519221146: Estate/land 150000€ Atsalenio IrakleioEstate/land

Price: 150000
Christos Stavrianoudakis   Tel: 2110120623   Mobil: 6945957863
240519221111   2024-05-19   Ατσαλένιο   Ηράκλειο  /Ηρακλείου/
240519221111   2024-05-19   Atsalenio   Irakleio  /Irakleiou/
240519221111: Estate/land 150000€ Atsalenio IrakleioEstate/land

Price: 150000
Christos Stavrianoudakis   Tel: 2110120623   Mobil: 6945957863
240429221659   2024-04-29   Κέντρο   Ζωγράφου  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
240429221659   2024-04-29   Center   Zografou  /Athina-Attikis/
240429221659: Apartment/flat 285000€ Center ZografouApartment/flat

4 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 6th
penthouse central heating lift/elevator balcony
Price: 285000
D . Ziouvelos   Tel: 6977727978   Mobil: 6977727978
240427130219   2024-04-27   Μικρολίμανο Πειραιάς   Πειραία  /Πειραιάς-Αττικής/
240427130219   2024-04-27   Mikrolimano Peiraias   Peiraia  /Peiraias-Attikis/
240427130219: Apartment/flat 177000€ Mikrolimano Peiraias PeiraiaApartment/flat

2 rooms living-room Separate kitchen Ground floor
renovated furnished
sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 177000
Apartment for sale in Mikrolimano, 78 sq. m. m. , two levels,
without utilities, with its own separate entrance, brand new and completely renovated in 2018
It is furnished with all household equipment, electrical appliances, televisions as well as two air conditioners for cooling and heating.
It has a balcony on the facade with an awning and a view of Mikrolimano.

It is ideal for investment reasons such as Airbnb rental due to high tourism in the area.

The house was completely renovated fr
Fanny   Tel: 6907794614   Mobil: 6907794614
240405101032   2024-04-05   Ελευθέριο - Κορδελιό   Ελευθερίου-Κορδελιού  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
240405101032   2024-04-05   Eleutherio - Kordelio   Eleutheriou-Kordeliou  /Thessalonikis/
240405101032: Apartment/flat 110000€ Eleutherio - Kordelio Eleutheriou-KordeliouApartment/flat

2 rooms living-room 5th 80.00sqm.
sundrenched central heating gas lift/elevator balcony
Price: 110000
Sunny (south orientation) bright apartment with view and balconies front and back with awnings, two bedrooms, living room with kitchenette, bathroom, entrance hall with wardrobe and extra door leading to the living room with kitchenette and the rest of the house, near the center of Kordelio, is central - remote and in a very quiet area - neighborhood is also close to schools, shops, buses, is in excellent condition, luxurious construction, heating with individual gas boiler, has solar and additi
Martin Rantos   Tel: 2810244888   Mobil: 6996244888
240405092828   2024-04-05   Πολίχνη    /Θεσσαλονίκης/
240405092828   2024-04-05   Polichni    /Thessalonikis/
240405092828: Two-storey house 195000€ Polichni Two-storey house

3 rooms living-room 2nd 120.00sqm.
land sqm.214
penthouse sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 195000
Maisonette sunny and airy with front and back balconies, with three bedrooms living room, kitchen, bathroom on the upper floor with hydromassage and a small one with shower on the lower level all with window and in the kitchen sink also, it is located in a three - story building and specifically on the 2nd to 3rd floor with an internal staircase, it is located in a wonderful spot high in the center of Polichni with a view of the city and the sea, close to the forest and the indoor and outdoor stad
Martin Rantos   Tel: 2810244888   Mobil: 6996244888
240327222556   2024-03-27   Αττική   Σαρωνίδος  /Αν.Αττικής/
240327222556   2024-03-27   Attiki   Saronidos  /An.Attikis/

1 rooms living-room Separate kitchen 1st
lift/elevator balcony
Price: 85000
Chinopoulos Athanasios   Tel: 004922248157   Mobil: 00491638340128
240321143856   2024-03-21   Κουμαριάς 12   Εκάλης  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
240321143856   2024-03-21   Koumarias 12   Ekalis  /Athina-Attikis/
240321143856: Estate/land 1350000€ Koumarias 12 EkalisEstate/land

Price: 1350000
Michalis   Tel: 2109499461   Mobil:
240317174629   2024-03-17   Πουρναρακια    /Χαλκιδικής/
240317174629   2024-03-17   Pournarakia    /Chalkidikis/
Agricultural estate

Price: 400000
Giorgos Koumarampis   Tel: 6948509748   Mobil: 6948509748

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