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210804095450   2021-08-04   Ασπρόπυργος   Αθήνα  /Αθήνα-Αττικής/
210804095450   2021-08-04   Aspropyrgos   Athina  /Athina-Attikis/
Agricultural estate

Price: 0
Damalas Dimitris   Tel: 6978323822   Mobil: 6978323822
210803162659   21-08-03   Στουπα   Λεύκτρου  /Μεσσηνίας/
210803162659   21-08-03   Stoupa   Leuktrou  /Messinias/
210803162659: Estate/land 160000€ Stoupa LeuktrouEstate/land

Price: 160000
For sale a plot of 6220 sq. m. Between Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos. Distance from the sea 200 meters.
It can build 250 sq. m. For home and for investment use up to 1500 sq. m.
Can also be used for investment use (hotel, rental homes)

The plot is in nature, it is full of olive trees where you can extract your own oil, it is licensed for drilling to have your own water and the distance for the water pipes of the municipality is 10 meters to make water connection, there is an electric pylon electricity inside the property.

Behind the plot is the mountain Tavgetos and in front of the plot you have a view to the sea and the magnificent Messinian gulfThe plot is located near the main road and is accessible via a paved road. You are close to everything, but there are no immediate neighbors around you And It Is A Day Place.

A few words about the area:
On the south coast of the Peloponnese in Greece and about 60 minutes by car from the nearest airport of Kalamata (or about 3. 5 hours by car from A
OIKONOMEAS GEORGIOS TOU ELPIDOFOR   Fax:   Tel: 6973833415   Mobil: 6948899669
210803113548   2021-08-03   Ταξιαρχων 32   Αιγίου  /Αχαΐας/
210803113548   2021-08-03   Taxiarchon 32   Aigiou  /Ahaias/
210803113548: Professional area 55000€ Taxiarchon 32 AigiouProfessional area

Ground floor 50.00sqm.
Price: 55000
Iraklis Apostolopoulos   Tel: 6947372173   Mobil: 6947372173


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