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For sale
220108173525   2022-01-08     Αριστομένους  /Μεσσηνίας/
220108173525   2022-01-08     Aristomenous  /Messinias/
Detached one level house

3 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
Price: 100
Angelopoulou Sotiria   Tel: 6972998893   Mobil:
210923145204   2021-09-23   Φιλιατρά Μεσσηνίας   Φιλιατρών  /Μεσσηνίας/
210923145204   2021-09-23   Filiatra Messinias   Filiatron  /Messinias/
210923145204: Agricultural estate 0€ Filiatra Messinias FiliatronAgricultural estate

Price: 0
Antonis   Tel: 6975060454   Mobil: 6975060454
210806222137   2021-08-06   Μεσοποταμος   Νέστορος  /Μεσσηνίας/
210806222137   2021-08-06   Mesopotamos   Nestoros  /Messinias/
Agricultural estate

Price: 4000
Isidoros Syrakas   Tel: 6940471682   Mobil: 6940471682
210803162659   21-08-03   Στουπα   Λεύκτρου  /Μεσσηνίας/
210803162659   21-08-03   Stoupa   Leuktrou  /Messinias/
210803162659: Estate/land 160000€ Stoupa LeuktrouEstate/land

Price: 160000
For sale a plot of 6220 sq. m. Between Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos. Distance from the sea 200 meters.
It can build 250 sq. m. For home and for investment use up to 1500 sq. m.
Can also be used for investment use (hotel, rental homes)

The plot is in nature, it is full of olive trees where you can extract your own oil, it is licensed for drilling to have your own water and the distance for the water pipes of the municipality is 10 meters to make water connection, there is an electric pylon electricity inside the property.

Behind the plot is the mountain Tavgetos and in front of the plot you have a view to the sea and the magnificent Messinian gulfThe plot is located near the main road and is accessible via a paved road. You are close to everything, but there are no immediate neighbors around you And It Is A Day Place.

A few words about the area:
On the south coast of the Peloponnese in Greece and about 60 minutes by car from the nearest airport of Kalamata (or about 3. 5 hours by car from A
OIKONOMEAS GEORGIOS TOU ELPIDOFOR   Fax:   Tel: 6973833415   Mobil: 6948899669
210728072252   2021-07-28   Μαθια Πεταλιδιου Μεσσηνιας   Μεσσήνης  /Μεσσηνίας/
210728072252   2021-07-28   Mathia Petalidiou Messinias   Messinis  /Messinias/
210728072252: Detached one level house 120000€ Mathia Petalidiou Messinias MessinisDetached one level house

3 rooms
land sqm.350
Price: 120000
Takis Panagoulias   Tel: 6946666499   Mobil:
210124141726   2021-01-24   Λαιίκων   Καλαμάτα  /Μεσσηνίας/
210124141726   2021-01-24   Laiikon   Kalamata  /Messinias/
210124141726: Detached one level house 0€ Laiikon KalamataDetached one level house

3 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
land sqm.398
Price: 0
Greek, resident of Spain, I am selling an indivisible two - storey house with a warehouse, within the city plan, in Leika, Kalamata. The property has an area of approximately 110 sq. m. each floor and is built on a plot of 398 sq. m. on Leikon Street, 150 meters from the exit to Leika of A7. Next to the Event Hall "The Mistress". It has a living room and a room with a large kitchen on the ground floor and 2 large rooms on the first floor. Direct access from Leikon Street and parking for more than tw
Georgios Prattis   Tel: 0034673719483   Mobil: 0034673719483
201104143451   2020-11-04   Βασιλικό   Δωρίου  /Μεσσηνίας/
201104143451   2020-11-04   Vasiliko   Doriou  /Messinias/
Detached one level house

5 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
land sqm.900
central heating balcony
Price: 170
Androutsos Grigoris   Tel: 2765400097   Mobil: 6946618847
200911125138   2020-09-11   Φραγκοπηγαδο   Καλαμάτα  /Μεσσηνίας/
200911125138   2020-09-11   Fragkopigado   Kalamata  /Messinias/

Price: 50000
Charalampos Mourgis   Tel: 6972012508   Mobil:
200810125229   2020-08-10   Ανατολική Παραλία   Καλαμάτα  /Μεσσηνίας/
200810125229   2020-08-10   Anatoliki Paralia   Kalamata  /Messinias/
200810125229: Estate/land 200000€ Anatoliki Paralia KalamataEstate/land

Price: 200000
plot 544 sq. m. , fruit trees olives, within the city plan, 2 sides, frontage 13, 85 m. , builds 450 sq. m. , light water, 250 m. from the sea, fruit olives existing building 38 sq. m. and storage, 250 m from sea and for consideration brokers accepted, price € 200, 000, , 09: 00 - 22: 00
Sikeliotou Anna   Tel: 6932090474   Mobil: 6932090474
200514112135   2020-05-14   Κηπουπολη    /Μεσσηνίας/
200514112135   2020-05-14   Kipoupoli    /Messinias/
200514112135: Estate/land 0€ Kipoupoli Estate/land

Price: 0
Sotiris Kapouleas   Tel: 2721087695   Mobil: 6955850164

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