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For sale
210601230020   2021-06-01   Κροκεων   Σπάρτη  /Λακωνίας/
210601230020   2021-06-01   Krokeon   Sparti  /Lakonias/
Agricultural estate

Price: 8000
Jim Papas   Tel: 6975838743   Mobil: 6975838743
210414105746   2021-04-14   Χάρακας   Ζάρακα  /Λακωνίας/
210414105746   2021-04-14   Charakas   Zaraka  /Lakonias/
Detached one level house

2 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
land sqm.626
Price: 80000
Detached House, 79sq. m. , Holiday home, Residential zone, No agent fee for the buyer
Charakas, Zarakas Lakonia, 10 km from the sea (Kyparissi Lakonias)
price negoatiable
Giorgos   Tel: 6947046723   Mobil: 6947046723
210414104742   2021-04-14     Μυστρά  /Λακωνίας/
210414104742   2021-04-14     Mystra  /Lakonias/
210414104742: Agricultural estate 60000€  MystraAgricultural estate

Price: 60000
Mystras (Lakonia), plot of 5, 600 sq. m. , with 100 olive trees, facade 135 m. , build - able, utilities (electricity, water), fencing, unrestricted view of the mountains, free, access on road, residential area, suitable for housing construction, view of Taygetos mountain and Mystras castle, ideal location for housing construction, rights of building 200 sq. m. , privileged area near Hotel Mystras Grand Palace Resort, negotiable price
Giorgos   Tel: 6947046723   Mobil: 6947046723
200712184634   2020-07-12   Πορτο Καγιο   Ανατολικής Μάνης  /Λακωνίας/
200712184634   2020-07-12   Porto Kagio   Anatolikis Manis  /Lakonias/
200712184634: Agricultural estate 350000€ Porto Kagio Anatolikis ManisAgricultural estate

Price: 350000
In Porto Cayo of Mesa Mani, between the beach of ancient Psamathous and the traditional and preserved settlement of Paliros, a plot of twenty - three acres is for sale. The plot has a small pebble beach, is on the community road, is surrounded by his own property and therefore can be increased.
Gianna Grigorakaki   Tel: 6909578893   Mobil: 6909578893
200614171214   2020-06-14   Ασωπός   Ασωπού  /Λακωνίας/
200614171214   2020-06-14   Asopos   Asopou  /Lakonias/
200614171214: Agricultural estate 38€ Asopos AsopouAgricultural estate

Price: 38
Themis Kachri   Tel: 6936474931   Mobil: 6936474931
200218232124   2020-02-18   Κοκκαλα   Ανατολικής Μάνης  /Λακωνίας/
200218232124   2020-02-18   Kokkala   Anatolikis Manis  /Lakonias/

Price: 65000
Kyriakos Melas   Tel: 2104322414   Mobil: 6976358271
200218225846   2020-02-18   Κεφαλάς   Οιτύλου  /Λακωνίας/
200218225846   2020-02-18   Kefalas   Oitylou  /Lakonias/

Price: 0
K. Simos   Tel: 2310328467   Mobil: 6945790036

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