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For sale
220718045919   2022-07-18   Κεντρο    /Έβρου/
220718045919   2022-07-18   Kentro    /Evrou/
220718045919: Apartment/flat 89000€ Kentro Apartment/flat

3 rooms Separate kitchen Ground floor
sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 89000
K. Stathis   Tel: 6974685838   Mobil:
220304182012   2022-03-04   Αεροδρομίου Αλεξανδρούπολης   Αλεξανδρούπολη  /Έβρου/
220304182012   2022-03-04   Aerodromiou Alexandroupolis   Alexandroupoli  /Evrou/
220304182012: Two-storey house 380000€ Aerodromiou Alexandroupolis AlexandroupoliTwo-storey house

9 rooms living-room Ground floor
sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 380000
FOR SALE maisonette of total area 225 sq. m. with basement, ground floor and 1st floor. It consists of 3 bedrooms, living room, 3 bathrooms, gym, storage room and dressing room. It was built in 2009, has individual oil heating, solar water heater, a/c, alarm system with security cameras. It has mountain and sea views, has a yard area of ​​2000 sq. m. with coniferous trees and fencing with wall and railing. It is close to the airport 'Demokritos' of Alexandroupolis and the city.
Stefanos Pontioudis   Tel: 6982300100   Mobil: 6982300100
220206174611   2022-02-06   Κίρκη   Αλεξανδρούπολη  /Έβρου/
220206174611   2022-02-06   Kirki   Alexandroupoli  /Evrou/
220206174611: Detached one level house 28000€ Kirki AlexandroupoliDetached one level house

living-room Separate kitchen 0.00sqm.
land sqm.300
central heating
Price: 28000
For sale detached house furnished 110 m2 with outbuildings in a 300 m2 site. Area is Kirki Evrou about 20 km from Alexandroupoli. For more information please call number: 6978257861, Ms. Maria, in hours from 18:00 to 22:00.
Ochi   Fax:   Tel: 6974603202   Mobil: 6974603202
210826111913   2021-08-26   Αγίου Βασιλείου   Αλεξανδρούπολη  /Έβρου/
210826111913   2021-08-26   Agiou Vasileiou   Alexandroupoli  /Evrou/
210826111913: Detached one level house 480000€ Agiou Vasileiou AlexandroupoliDetached one level house

3 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
central heating balcony
Price: 480000
Villa 256sqm (128sqm each floor) with most spectacular sea view build 1989 with olive trees 6 , 1 linden , 5 pine trees 1 super fir tree
villa for sale in Alexandroupolis North Greece
Despoina   Tel: 6944641124   Mobil: 6944641124
210128201510   2021-01-28   Eφορία    /Έβρου/
210128201510   2021-01-28   Eforia    /Evrou/
210128201510: Apartment/flat 89000€ Eforia Apartment/flat

2 rooms living-room 1st 87.00sqm.
sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 89000
Apartment 2 DSKWC 77 sqm clean. With parking space and storage in the basement (listed as a follow - up to the contract) Individual heating installed in the storage (listed in the heating study of the building permit from this version) Barbecue on the balcony The apartment will be indicated after the expiration of the restrictive measures and will be available 15 days after their expiration. http://www. ktimatagora - alexandroupolis. gr/el/akinito/10402240
Donakis   Tel: 2551081255   Mobil: 6979666511
200627165915   2020-06-27   Κάτω Καρυωτες   Σαμοθράκης  /Έβρου/
200627165915   2020-06-27   Kato Karyotes   Samothrakis  /Evrou/
200627165915: Villa 240€ Kato Karyotes SamothrakisVilla

4 rooms Ground floor
land sqm.2
central heating balcony
Price: 240
Villa for sale in Kato Karyotes area in Samothrace on a property within a settlement - design of 2. 5 acres. The villa is 110 with 4 independent rooms with kitchen, bathroom and terrace. passes between running water. The point is magical.
Ioannis Samaras   Tel: 6938030730   Mobil: 6938030730
200515014414   2020-05-15   Σαγηνη   Ορεστιάδας  /Έβρου/
200515014414   2020-05-15   Sagini   Orestiadas  /Evrou/
200515014414: Estate/land 0€ Sagini OrestiadasEstate/land

Price: 0
Anastasia Leliopoulou   Tel: 2552025511   Mobil:
200219121658   2020-02-19   Κέντρο   Ορεστιάδας  /Έβρου/
200219121658   2020-02-19   Center   Orestiadas  /Evrou/
200219121658: Estate/land 60000€ Center OrestiadasEstate/land

Price: 60000
Vaitsakis Christos   Tel: 2392064883   Mobil: 6977249886
200218222509   2020-02-18   Κέντρο   Ορεστιάδας  /Έβρου/
200218222509   2020-02-18   Center   Orestiadas  /Evrou/
200218222509: Estate/land 60000€ Center OrestiadasEstate/land

Price: 60000
Vaitsakis Christos   Tel: 2392064883   Mobil: 6977249886

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