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For sale
220806201246   22-08-06   Μεσημερι    /Θεσσαλονίκης/
220806201246   22-08-06   Mesimeri    /Thessalonikis/
Agricultural estate

Price: 55000
Olive grove for sale - a plot of 4 acres with viable olive trees. It has electricity and water. It has a view of Mount Olympus and the sea of ​​Heraklion. Distance from the village of Mesemeri is 2. 5 km and from the sea 10 km. Buildable
  Fax:   Tel: 6988898363   Mobil:
220726201725   2022-07-26   Μνησικλέους, Κάτω Αλεποχώρι   Βιλίων  /Δυτ.Αττικής/
220726201725   2022-07-26   Mnisikleous, Kato Alepochori   Vilion  /Dyt.Attikis/

2 rooms living-room Separate kitchen Ground floor 135.00sqm.
land sqm.350
central heating balcony
Price: 200000
Komninos Dimitrios   Tel: +302810239422   Mobil:
220206105009   2022-02-06   Πευκοχωρι Χαλκιδικης   Κασσάνδρας  /Χαλκιδικής/
220206105009   2022-02-06   Peukochori Chalkidikis   Kassandras  /Chalkidikis/
220206105009: Two-storey house 255000€ Peukochori Chalkidikis KassandrasTwo-storey house

3 rooms living-room 3d
land sqm.800
penthouse sundrenched central heating balcony
Price: 255000
new building, autonomous from three sides building, 90 sq. m. , 100m. far from sea, excellent construction, has three (3) rooms (there is possibility for making a 4th room), 2 bathrooms, 1 W. C. , fireplace, autonomous petrol heat, tax free, garden 800sq. m. , Price: 255. 000 Euros.
Google Earth Latitude: 39°58'59. 61"Β, Longitude: 23°37'48. 83"Α
Mob. 0030. 6977975149 & Landline: 00302310542180
Apostolos Mauromatopoulos   Tel: 6977975149   Mobil:
211212202928   2021-12-12   Πολύγυρος   Πολύγυρος  /Χαλκιδικής/
211212202928   2021-12-12   Polygyros   Polygyros  /Chalkidikis/
211212202928: Agricultural estate 0€ Polygyros PolygyrosAgricultural estate

Price: 0
Quiet plot for sale in the settlement of Agios Nikolaos, even and buildable with fantastic views and a distance of just five minutes from the sea and one minute from the center of the village.
The plot is 400 sqm and you can build up to 200 sqm house can be included in the NSRF program
Papadopoulou Eleni   Tel: 6970797428   Mobil: 6970797293
211212200224   2021-12-12   Πολύγυρος   Πολύγυρος  /Χαλκιδικής/
211212200224   2021-12-12   Polygyros   Polygyros  /Chalkidikis/
211212200224: Agricultural estate 0€ Polygyros PolygyrosAgricultural estate

Price: 0
Nikiti Halkidiki a unique opportunity, a plot of 11, 700 square meters in a tourist area, within walking distance from the sea and just 2 minutes from the settlement of Nikiti for sale at a unique price of 230, 000 euros.
The plot is on a hill and has panoramic mountain and sea views, while it can build a hotel unit or rental houses or even an excellent Villa.
The property has electricity and water.
Also, the plot enters comfortably in an NSRF program.
Contact phone 6970797293 & 6970797428
Papadopoulou Eleni   Tel: 6970797428   Mobil: 6970797293
211128202241   2021-11-28   V2w7+x5 Korinthos, Greece   Κόρινθος  /Κορινθίας/
211128202241   2021-11-28   V2w7+x5 Korinthos, Greece   Korinthos  /Korinthias/
211128202241: Villa 1500000€ V2w7+x5 Korinthos, Greece KorinthosVilla

Ground floor 4000.00sqm.
land sqm.4000
central heating
Price: 1500000
Asimina Chatzigianni   Tel: 6932875024   Mobil:
211128201923   2021-11-28     Λουτρακίου-Περαχώρας  /Κορινθίας/
211128201923   2021-11-28     Loutrakiou-Perachoras  /Korinthias/
211128201923: Villa 1500000€  Loutrakiou-PerachorasVilla

Ground floor 4000.00sqm.
land sqm.4000
central heating
Price: 1500000
Asimina Chatzigianni   Tel: 6932875024   Mobil:
211107172444   2021-11-07   Κριεζα   Δυστίων  /Εύβοιας/
211107172444   2021-11-07   Krieza   Dystion  /Euvoias/
211107172444: Property 70000€ Krieza DystionProperty

land sqm.2900
Price: 70000
The plot is located in krieza, head village in evia, near to athens. it is in a fertile and sunny area with historical value. the hero nikolaos kriezotis of 1821 greek revolution was born here.
in recent years , this area is the favourite destination for winter and summer visitors as it combines mountain and sea .
inside the plot , is found an old stone dilabitated house, of 108 sqm, in two levels. the nearest beach is 10min away from overlooking to aegeo sea . there is also ppc rolls.
Sofia Samara   Tel: +306939870365   Mobil:
211030133509   21-10-30   Paiania   Παιανίας  /Αν.Αττικής/
211030133509   21-10-30   Paiania   Paianias  /An.Attikis/

4 rooms living-room Separate kitchen
land sqm.500
central heating lift/elevator balcony
Price: 600000
Global Estate   Fax:   Tel: 6906611769   Mobil: 6906611769
211013222524   2021-10-13   Σώστης Ροδόπης   Ιάσμου  /Ροδόπης/
211013222524   2021-10-13   Sostis Rodopis   Iasmou  /Rodopis/
Agricultural estate

Price: 18000
Plain field 14. 376 m2 south of Sostis village , close to Komotini Rodopis for sale 18. 000 euros.
No need to water the plants because it is fysically watered from underground.
It is situated South of and "litterary". . . on the Egnatia Road.

Tel. 0030 - 6977709533
Georgios   Tel: +306977709533   Mobil: +306977709533

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