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For sale
191215190321   2019-12-15   Οικισμος Ιατρων Μαρμαρι   Μαρμαρίου  /Εύβοιας/
191215190321   2019-12-15   Oikismos Iatron Marmari   Marmariou  /Euvoias/
191215190321: Villa 600000€ Oikismos Iatron Marmari MarmariouVilla

living-room Ground floor
land sqm.500
central heating balcony
Price: 600000
Nansy Paparoupa   Tel: 2108035318   Mobil: 6945266203
191215184017   2019-12-15   Οικισμος Ιατρων Μαρμαρι Ευβοίαας   Μαρμαρίου  /Εύβοιας/
191215184017   2019-12-15   Oikismos Iatron Marmari Euvoiaas   Marmariou  /Euvoias/
191215184017: Villa 600000€ Oikismos Iatron Marmari Euvoiaas MarmariouVilla

living-room Ground floor
land sqm.500
central heating balcony
Price: 600000
Nansy Paparoupa   Tel: 2108035318   Mobil: 6945266203
191114212803   2019-11-14   Πυργαδικια   Παναγίας  /Χαλκιδικής/
191114212803   2019-11-14   Pyrgadikia   Panagias  /Chalkidikis/
Agricultural estate

Price: 110000
plot for sale inside the village at the pier, in a great location overlooking the sea and bargain opportunities
Anastasios Vafeiadis   Tel: 6951232722   Mobil:
191105213208   2019-11-05   Παραλία Επανομής   Θερμαϊκού  /Θεσσαλονίκης/
191105213208   2019-11-05   Paralia Epanomis   Thermaikou  /Thessalonikis/
191105213208: Villa 399000€ Paralia Epanomis ThermaikouVilla

8 rooms living-room Separate kitchen Ground floor
land sqm.2150
central heating
Price: 399000
Plot of two - storey unfinished house of 150 sqm + 120 semi - basement on epanomi beach 150 meters from the sea. independent 2. 150 sqm on a road passing by a local bus. very strong construction, anti - seismic supervision with the best construction materials. the measures of the total area have not been exhausted, but 60sqm of the rest are left.
this year there were new windows on the first floor all over, basement tiles, shower, bathroom was perfect.
Maria   Tel: 6955689144   Mobil: 6955689144
191102123810   2019-11-02   Λυγιά   Λευκάδα  /Λευκάδας/
191102123810   2019-11-02   Lygia   Leukada  /Leukadas/
191102123810: Estate/land 275€ Lygia LeukadaEstate/land

Price: 275
A seaside building plot of 780sqm for sale, within the residential area of the village of Lygia in Lefkada, only 40m away from the sea.
Ability to build up to 400sqm.
The frontage of the plot is 18m and faces a Community Road. Quite area.
Ntiana Papalevizou   Tel: 2109322214   Mobil: 6944284328
191016084612   2019-10-16     Παναγίας  /Χαλκιδικής/
191016084612   2019-10-16     Panagias  /Chalkidikis/

Price: 0
plot for sale in an excellent location, perfect and buildable within the village of Pyrgadiki, Halkidiki
Tasos Vafeiadis   Tel: 6951232722   Mobil:
191007203839   19-10-07     Σπάτων  /Αν.Αττικής/
191007203839   19-10-07     Spaton  /An.Attikis/
191007203839: Detached one level house 1100000€  SpatonDetached one level house

land sqm.6500
Price: 1100000
;SPATA Christoupoli, house 432 sm, ground floor, 6 bedrooms, built in 1995, 5 bathrooms, 1 wc, villa, inside a 6500 sm lot area, autonomous heating, A/C, fireplace, solar heater, tents, garden, swimming pool, aluminum frames, sieves, 3 living rooms, 3 kitchens, playroom, alarm system, double glazing, electronic apparatus, BBQ, unlimited view, reference code: 20036, price: 1. 100. 000 eu, Virvilis Financial Solutions, 09:00 - 20:00, 2294049597/45287
Virvilis Financial Solutions   Fax:   Tel: 2294049597   Mobil:
190920093418   2019-09-20   Αγια Αννα   Κορώνειας  /Βοιωτίας/
190920093418   2019-09-20   Agia Anna   Koroneias  /Voiotias/
190920093418: Apartment/flat 100€ Agia Anna KoroneiasApartment/flat

1 rooms living-room Ground floor 1772.00sqm.
Price: 100
For sale: House of 49 sq. m. in a plot of 1. 772 sq. m. in a picturesque village, Saint Anna in Boeotia, inside the mythical Helicon, with its sloping slopes. It combines summer and winter scenery, 1 and a half hours from Athens, surrounded by virgin mountains and 20 minutes from quiet harbours with seaside settlements.

Price 100, 000 € (negotiable)

Contact: +30 690 7723581
Soula Tsiaktsira   Tel: 690 7723581   Mobil: 690 7723581
190806115909   2019-08-06   Πετραλωνα   Τρίγλιας  /Χαλκιδικής/
190806115909   2019-08-06   Petralona   Triglias  /Chalkidikis/
190806115909: Estate/land 150€ Petralona TrigliasEstate/land

Price: 150
The plot is advantageous at the entrance to the Petralona Cave, an extreme tourist area, especially during the summer season, as it can reach up to 70, 000 tourists. The view of the plot is unique as it not only overlooks the beautiful village of Petalona, but also a large panorama of the Thermaiko sea, as shown in the pictures. It can also take advantage of the tourism industry in the area as this plot is licensed as a shop of any kind. In addition, the plot that is being marked with blue on the
Samaras Aanastasios   Tel: 2396041909   Mobil: 6979112716
190613193136   2019-06-13   Κινέττα   Μεγαρέων  /Δυτ.Αττικής/
190613193136   2019-06-13   Kinetta   Megareon  /Dyt.Attikis/

1 rooms living-room Ground floor 104.00sqm.
land sqm.350
central heating
Price: 250
Afroditi Georgiou   Tel: 2241025526   Mobil: 6976412612

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